The Frizu Lounge will reopen for individual and small group settings from August 2020.

Individual settings:
LES_SON, MUSIC_COACHING and preparation for small groups and PROJECT_BAND

Small groups under construction:
IMPROVISATION FOR CLASSICS for women * and queers

SAXOPHONE for everyone
SAXOPHONE for women * and queers

URBAN BRASS for everyone
URBAN BRASS for women * and queers


Those interested in LUNCHTIME_ORCHESTRA please contact us!

PROJECT_BAND for everyone
PROJECT_BAND for women * and queers
currently work in individual and small group settings


CONCERTS, SESSIONS, DISCUSSION EVENINGS and WORKSHOPS are expected to take place again in 2021.
Planned focus:
Cultural and social awakening – inspiration for the present and the future or barren retro


It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, are returning to music, are self-taught, have some doubt about your skills, or are advanced or professional: make music with others in a comfortable atmosphere and get inspired!

Look here for the dates: EVENTS

All meetings are normally in the “FRIZU_LOUNGE” at the SambaRaum of the “Stoff- und Gerätelager” on the “RAW-Gelände”, Revaler Straße 99 at Berlin, Friedrichshain. WHERE

Players of all instruments in all levels and singers are very welcome!

If there are any question, just contact me: 0176-20332076, 030-34764918, CONTACT

FRIZU_PROJEKT_BAND at Belinda’s Salon, TrIQ e.v. on 16/6/17