Donnerstag 20th of Februar 2020, 8pm: LOUNGE_CONCERT
Belinda’s Salon for Music and Such

Experimental electronic music

“Pausa A Pausa”
GubbiAnn + Lun Ário + Ernesto Carcamo Cavazos
Pausa A Pausa is a trio weaving improvised electronic treks employing diverse electronic gear, including DIY instruments, in quadraphonic space when possible. The evolving sonorities range anywhere from drone and noise to harmonic and melodic development and recognizable soundscapes.
(Pausa A Pausa ist ein Trio, das improvisierte elektronische Treks mit verschiedenen elektronischen Geräten, einschließlich Heimwerkerinstrumenten, im Quadraphonraum webt, sofern dies möglich ist. Die sich entwickelnden Klänge reichen von Drohnen und Geräuschen über harmonische und melodische Entwicklungen bis hin zu erkennbaren Klanglandschaften.)


Daniel Craig
reel-to-reel tape machine + computer
Daniel is interested in feedback, tape manipulation, no input mixing, memory, audio vérité, non-linearity, decay, greyness, field recording, Max patching, improvisation, thinking about thinking and cats. By time you read this short ramble, dear reader, he may have found a new set of ideas that quicken his heart, rendering this list an awkward reminder of his former curiosities.
(Bandmaschine + Computer
Daniel interessiert sich für Feedback, Bandmanipulation, no input mixing, Speicher, Audio-Vérité, Nichtlinearität, Zerfall, Greyness, Feldaufnahme, Max-Patching, Improvisation, Nachdenken über Denken und Katzen. Wenn Sie diesen kurzen Streifzug lesen, lieber Leser, hat er möglicherweise eine Reihe neuer Ideen gefunden, die sein Herz höher schlagen lassen und diese Liste zu einer unangenehmen Erinnerung an seine früheren Neugierde machen.)

27 of February, 8pm: DISCUSSION – Experimental music und politics

Thursday 4th of March, 8pm: FRIZU_SESSION for All

Thursday 12th of March, 8pm:  LOUNGE_CONCERT: Womens*Day Special – concert and party – open for all gender

Open for new people in January 2020:
tuesday at 12 noon: LUNCHTIME_ORCHESTRA
wednesday 4.30pm: PROJECT_BAND I for women* und Queers
thursday 6.30pm: PROJECT_BAND II for All

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, are returning to music, are self-taught, have some doubt about your skills, or are advanced or professional: make music with others in a comfortable atmosphere and get inspired!

Look here for the dates: EVENTS

All meetings are normally in the “FRIZU_LOUNGE” at the SambaRaum of the “Stoff- und Gerätelager” on the “RAW-Gelände”, Revaler Straße 99 at Berlin, Friedrichshain. WHERE

Different instruments like percussion, guitars, bass, keyboards, drumset, accordeon, recorders will be there and can be used.

Players of all instruments in all levels and singers are very welcome!

If there are any question, just contact me: 0176-20332076, 030-34764918, CONTACT

FRIZU_PROJEKT_BAND at Belinda’s Salon, TrIQ e.v. on 16/6/17