Thursday 14th of November
Dark concert with
Malu Förschl – clarinet, voice
Andrea Behrendt – piano, voice
Which influence has the ambience to music? How is the personal experience if there is a focus on certain senses? How is music in a dark room?
Also this year Malu Förschl and Andrea Behrendt invite you for a Dark concert with improvised music.
If you also want to experience the concert while lying down, you are welcome to bring a mattress.

Thursday 21st November
What is musical quality? And who decides this? And why? When is music enjoyed (when do I like music)? What is “good music” (in my opinion)? When do I feel “good” about music? And what defines the “good” life?
Discussion in german and english

Thursday 5th of December
9:30pm: FRIZU_SESSION for all
Musicians who play music in different genres and styles meet up here and improvise with one another, collaborating creatively together.

Thursday 12th of December
8pm: LOUNGE_KONZERT: Belinda’s Salon for Music and Such


Thursday 9th of January, 7pm: Dust the instruments!
Bring your instrument with you, which has been rotting forever in your suitcase. We’ll unpack it all together and see if there’s any sound left and what else can happen.

Who would rather not in the group, but rather to make a (free) extra date alone, please call 0176-20332076!


Open for new people in January 2020:
tuesday at 12 noon: LUNCHTIME_ORCHESTRA
wednesday 4.30pm: PROJECT_BAND I for women* und Queers
thursday 8pm: PROJECT_BAND II for All

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, are returning to music, are self-taught, have some doubt about your skills, or are advanced or professional: make music with others in a comfortable atmosphere and get inspired!

Look here for the dates: EVENTS

All meetings are normally in the “FRIZU_LOUNGE” at the SambaRaum of the “Stoff- und Gerätelager” on the “RAW-Gelände”, Revaler Straße 99 at Berlin, Friedrichshain. WHERE

Different instruments like percussion, guitars, bass, keyboards, drumset, accordeon, recorders will be there and can be used.

Players of all instruments in all levels and singers are very welcome!

If there are any question, just contact me: 0176-20332076, 030-34764918, CONTACT


FRIZU_PROJEKT_BAND at Belinda’s Salon, TrIQ e.v. on 16/6/17