with Malu Förschl

Using this currently trendy term, we reference an offering that will be just right for some individuals. This is a combination of “teaching yourself an instrument” and “taking lessons. The instrumentalist will primarily discover the instrument independently, but also will receive many suggestions from me. This can be related to physical or manual aspects of playing the instrument. This can also relate to aspects of your inner perspective that can reduce stress and increase looseness while playing, as well as the musical and artistic realization of ideas.

MUSIC_COACHING can also be chosen with a focus on improvisation.

I generally offer MUSIC_COACHING for all instruments.

MUSIC_COACHING is possible for individuals, groups or preexisting bands.

The first meeting is free of charge. Exact times and regular prices will be given upon request.


The FRIZU_LOUNGE is looking for other people who want to be active here.
Please contact:, 030-34764918, 0176-20332076