SESSION for women * and queers: Saturday 13th of January 2024, 6pm
Female* and queer musicians of the most varied of styles meet here and engage in an improvisational exchange. Participation in the sessions is currently only possible after prior registration. Interested parties can contact:
frizu@gmx.de – Tel: 030-34764918 – Mobile: 0176-20332076
The session is free of charge, a portion of the room rental is provided.
With advance notification at least 3 days in advance.

PROJEKT_BAND for women* and queers
(regular meeting: wedneysday 4:30 to 6.00pm)
Musicians and singers at various stages of skill and experience can find a place. Musical pieces from different styles will be played. These pieces will be arranged for each specific band formation. There will be many points of input, and ideas from the participants can be integrated into the bands. Inspiration from improvisation will be integrated into these bands. The PROJECT_BANDS take place once a week.
Actual instruments: violin, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, akkordeon, guitar, bass
These and all other instruments are welcome!

For further information please contact: frizu@gmx.de 030-30764918 0176-20332076


Intense groups under construction (Appointments by arrangement):

IMPROVISATION FOR CLASSICS for women* and queers
Anyone who learns or has learned a classic instrument has acquired a variety of skills along the way. However, improvisation is usually of less importance. Often, own beliefs like “I can’t” prevent access to it. Such inhibitions can easily be reduced by simple game ideas.

SAXOPHONE_POOL for women* and queers
Saxophone is a wonderful instrument. Beginners can produce satisfying sounds in no time. The sound nuances can also be refined infinitely. In a group of saxophones there is a great overall sound, in which sometimes all the instruments fuse together, but also peculiarities can emerge. And playing in a group is just fun.

URBAN_BRASS for women* and queers
Stricter regulations currently apply to players of wind instruments. But especially for wind instruments, it is often less satisfactory to play alone. In terms of style, there is a focus on pop, but other styles and experimental elements are also incorporated. Suggestions for improvisation and playing without notes find their place.

PROJEKT_BAND for female* and queer beginners

For further information please contact: frizu@gmx.de 030-30764918 0176-20332076