Samstag 13. Januar 2024:  Workshop-Tag in der Frizu_Lounge

13:00 Uhr: IMPRO_TREFF
14:00 Uhr: RAUM_MUSIK

Kosten (costs): 10 – 20 Euro für Einzelworkshop je 45 Minuten (single workshop á 45 min) , 40 – 80 Euro für gesamten Tag (whole day)
Anmeldung bis (Inscription until) 10.1.: 030-34764918, 0176-20332076,


Wednesday-Workshops in January 2024: Wednesday 7pm

Wednesday 10th of January, 7pm: SAXOPHONE
Saxophone is a wonderful instrument. Beginners can produce satisfying sounds in no time. The sound nuances can also be refined infinitely. In a group of saxophones there is a great overall sound, in which sometimes all the instruments fuse together, but also peculiarities can emerge. And playing in a group is just fun. In this workshop we want to work on the connection between individual and group sound and try out different forms of solo and collective improvisation.

Wednesday 17th of January, 7pm: IMPROVISATION FOR CLASSICS
Anyone who learns or has learned a classic instrument has acquired a variety of skills along the way. However, improvisation is usually of less importance. Often, own beliefs like “I can’t” prevent access to it. Such inhibitions can easily be reduced by simple game ideas. Individual online settings are currently being prepared in preparation for small groups.

Wednesday 24th of January, 7pm: URBAN BRASS
For players of wind instruments, stricter regulations applied, which have now been relaxed again. For wind instruments in particular, it is often less satisfying to play alone. And now there is again the opportunity to play together with others. Stylistically, there is a focus on pop, but other styles and experimental elements are also incorporated. Suggestions for improvisation and playing without notes find their place.

costs: 25 to 50 Euro per Workshop (according to self-assessment):
More information and inscription no later than 3 days in advance: 030-34764918, 0176-20332076,



Saturday February 10th, 2 p.m.:
Band workshop for the instruments drums, bass, electric guitar and keyboards
You don’t play an instrument and have always wanted to play a band instrument? You play another instrument, maybe for a while, but you’ve always been interested in band instruments but never found an opportunity to try them out? Do you play a band instrument yourself and are you interested in what the other instruments around you in the band actually do and want to try it out? Come over then. All participants can try out all four band instruments alternately.

A beginners’ workshop in which the basic elements of the four band instruments drum, bass, electric guitar and keyboards are taught.

Costs: 25 to 50 euros (according to self-assessment)
Further information and registration no later than 3 days in advance at: 030-34764918, 0176-20332076,