A “taster meeting” for each of our weekly project courses is possible free of charge.

There are free offers, offers that are by donation, and offers where a fee is charged.

For the offers where a fee is charged, the fee is determined on a sliding scale basis. A sliding scale is for example 10 to 20 EUR. Each participant must decide how much she_he can afford to spend within the sliding scale.

The questions that can help you decide how much to spend are the following: How much money to have to spend each month? How much money do I have each month that surpasses the minimum amount I need to sustain myself? Am I currently going through a tricky financial situation? Do I have a good income at this point? How much do I value “good work”? Am I against the exploitation of people in general and artists in particular?

Anyone who would like to participate but cannot afford the participation fee can contact me personally.