Do. 4. April, 21:30Uhr: FRIZU_SESSION

Do. 11. April, 20:00Uhr: LOUNGE_KONZERT: Belinda’s Salon

Do. 9. Mai bis Do. 13. Juni, 20:00Uhr: ACOUSTIC SUMMER
Are between 18 and 88 years?
Do you have basic knowledge on a musical instrument?
Come to the Acoustic Summer!

In 4 rehearsals with an existing band
and pieces where everyone can join in well
to a small open air concert on
Thursday 13th June 20 clock

Participation fee: 40 to 60 euros

Information and contact: 0176-20332076, 030-34764918,

Rehearsals Thursdays 8 pm
May 9, May 16, May 23, June 6
in the
RAW-Gelände – „Stoff- und Gerätelager“
Revaler Str. 99, Berlin, S / U: Warschauer Str.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, are returning to music, are self-taught, have some doubt about your skills, or are advanced or professional: make music with others in a comfortable atmosphere and get inspired!
Look here for the dates: EVENTS

All meetings are normally in the “FRIZU_LOUNGE” at the SambaRaum of the “Stoff- und Gerätelager” on the “RAW-Gelände”, Revaler Straße 99 at Berlin, Friedrichshain. WHERE

Different instruments like percussion, guitars, bass, keyboards, drumset, accordeon, recorders will be there and can be used.

Players of all instruments in all levels and singers are very welcome!

If there are any question, just contact me: 0176-20332076, 030-34764918, CONTACT


FRIZU_PROJEKT_BAND at Belinda’s Salon, TrIQ e.v. on 16/6/17



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